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August 31, 2016
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August 31, 2017
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Parabolic solar concentrators

Parabolic solar concentrators allow to save up to 35 percent of heating expenses in winter, Deputy Director of Technostandard LLC, Grigor Mnatsakayan. Mirrors for sunbeam focalization (which resemble satellite antennas) were projected back in Soviet Armenia. Technostandard follows these traditions and tries to develop them. The solar dishes automatically turn in the direction of the sun, clearing themselves of dust and other external impact also automatically. Care should be taken only in case of hail: they should then be covered with a case. The 40 kW parabolic systems can heat up a 3-ton vehicular tank with machine oil up to 300 degrees. The heat collected at night can in part be used for heating. “Now we are concluding the talks on cooperation with a Swedish company. We hope this will be a success,” Mnatsakanyan said. The sample of the device already operates in a tourism facility in the country’s Spitak town. In winter months it saves the expenses for heating by 35 percent, while in a warm season—6-7 moths a year—warm water can be received almost free, Mnatsakanyan added.

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